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The STRIDE Study   |   Strategies to Reduce Injuries and Develop Confidence in Elders

Members of the STRIDE Local Patient and Stakeholder Councils

The Local Patient and Stakeholder Councils (LPSCs) are partnerships among the research team, patient/family advisors and various strategic stakeholders at each of the ten STRIDE sites. These Councils are designed to incorporate the perspective of patient and family lived experiences into study planning and implementation at each the clinical trial site. Each LPSC has 8 to 10 members and a facilitator with experience engaging patients and stakeholders in research.

LPSC Locations

HealthCare Partners
El Segundo, CA


  • Leticia Anaya, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Michael Bolingbroke, Patient Stakeholder
  • Edna Carter, Patient Stakeholder
  • Vivian Chavez, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Alma Flores, HealthCare Partners, Social Worker
  • Eric Heedley, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Janelle Howe, RD, STRIDE Site Co-Investigator
  • Martha Jones, RN, STRIDE Site Co-Investigator
  • Anat Louis, PsyD, Los Angeles Department of Aging
  • Christine Moore, RN, MA, High Risk/Vulnerable Patient Nurse
  • Jocelyn Nunez, MAC, STRIDE Site Study Coordinator
  • Jeremy Rich, DPM, STRIDE Site Principal Investigator
  • Margarita Rivas, Patient Stakeholder
  • Lakendra Williams, Caregiver Stakeholder

University of Iowa Health Alliance
Des Moines, IA


  • Carri Casteel, MPH, PhD, STRIDE Site Co-Principal Investigator
  • Stacey Clough, Community Provider Representative, Stepping On Facilitator
  • Margaret DeSio, Area Agency on Aging Representative
  • Mary Francisco, Patient Stakeholder
  • Charles Keller, MD, Clinician Stakeholder
  • Joyce Lillis, Home Health Representative
  • Rebecca Oliva, PT, Home Health Representative
  • David Piersel, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Myrna Piersel, Patient Stakeholder
  • Trina Radske Suchan, Community Provider Representative, YMCA
  • Carlene Russell, Iowa Department of Aging
  • Connie Shaffner, Patient Stakeholder
  • Angela Shanahan, RN-BC, BSN, Falls Care Manager
  • Sherri VerSteeg, MSN-HCSM, RN, STRIDE Site Coordinator

Reliant Medical Group
Worcester, MA


  • Wendy Drake, VNA Care Network Rehab Manager
  • Linda Dylewic, PT, PharmD, Clinician Stakeholder
  • Judith Gilmore, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Jerry Gurwitz, MD, STRIDE Site Principal Investigator
  • Mike Hebert, Care Coordinator Director
  • Tracy Kennedy, Massachusetts Department of Public Health Prevention & Wellness Trust Fund
  • Peggy Preusse, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Allison Richards, STRIDE Site Study Coordinator
  • Rita Sullivan, Patient Stakeholder
  • Amy Vogel-Waters, Director of Elder Affairs, Worcester Senior Center
  • Linda Winceck-Moore, Worcester Senior Center

Partners Healthcare System
Boston, MA


  • Lorna Brown, PT, DPT, GCS, Clinician Stakeholder
  • Martie Carnie, Senior Patient Advisor, NPSC Co-Chair
  • Carla Cicerchia, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Gretchen Coughlin, Patient Stakeholder
  • Mike Coughlin, Patient Stakeholder
  • Patrick Dempsey, STRIDE Site Study Coordinator
  • Patti Dykes, PhD, RN, STRIDE Site Principal Investigator
  • Maureen Fagan, DNP, MHA, STRIDE Co-Investigator, NPSC Co-Chair
  • Laura Nelson Frain, MD, Clinician Stakeholder
  • Michael Healey, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Holly Hackman, Massachusetts Department of Health Epidemiology
  • Julie Kautz Mills, Massachusetts Bureau of Community Health
  • Leah Leavitt, Elderly Affairs, City of Boston
  • Sally Lindover, Patient Stakeholder
  • Evelyn O’Neil, Community Provider Representative
  • Alejandra Salazar, PharmD, STRIDE Site Co-Investigator
  • Emily Shea, Elderly Affairs, City of Boston
  • Kety Silva, Research Assistant
  • David Ting, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Yvette Wells, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Judith Whittingham, Partners Home Care

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Baltimore, MD


  • Donna Bilz, Baltimore County Department of Aging
  • Patricia Bosse, Patient Stakeholder
  • Vincent Bosse, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Tiffany Campbell, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Patti Ephraim, MPH, STRIDE Site Coordinator
  • Arnold Eppel, Baltimore City Health Department Division of Aging and Care Services
  • Paul Gimbel, Patient Stakeholder
  • Vanya Jones, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy
  • Jade Leung, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Jack Light, Patient Stakeholder
  • Jane Marks, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Agnes McNally, Patient Stakeholder
  • Ellis Morris, Patient Stakeholder
  • Anne Spar, PT, Physical Therapist
  • Myron Rosenberg, Patient Stakeholder
  • Judy Simons, Maryland Department of Aging
  • Elizabeth Tanner, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI


  • Tina Abbate Marzolf, Area Agency on Aging Representative
  • Neil Alexander, MD, STRIDE Site Principal Investigator
  • Ken Bandy, Director, UMHS Home Care Manager
  • Karen Burek, MS, RN, ANP-BC, Falls Care Manager
  • Diane Carr, Ann Arbor YMCA
  • Sallie Churchill, Patient Stakeholder
  • Kathleen Clark, Area Agency on Aging Representative
  • Mary Jo Crane, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Melissa Cunningham, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Robert Debrodt, Patient Stakeholder
  • Barbara Dunn, Patient Stakeholder
  • Amby Gallagher, PhD, MS, RN, Falls Care Manager, LPSC Facilitator
  • Cathy Hanson, Patient Advisor
  • Peg Jacobs, Manager, Nurse Care Navigators
  • Lisa Klinkman, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
  • Edith Maynard, Patient Stakeholder
  • Linda Nyquist, PhD, STRIDE Site Study Coordinator
  • Laura Rowan, NCOA Representative

Essentia Health
Duluth, MN


  • Bonnie Andrist, Patient Stakeholder
  • Erica Chopskie, RN, MPH, Falls Care Manager
  • Laurie Hensel, NP, Nurse Practitioner, Deer River Clinic
  • Mary Hertel, Minnesota Board on Aging, Fall Prevention Coalition Representative
  • Jenn Hoff, Nurse Educator, Injury Prevention, Trauma Unit
  • Diane Holliday-Welsh, OTR/L, MS-HAS, Clinician Stakeholder
  • Kristi Kane, Executive Director, Elder Circle
  • Alice Martwig, Patient Stakeholder
  • Cathy McCarty, MPH, PhD, STRIDE Site Co-Investigator, LPSC Co-Facilitator
  • Siobhan McMahon, GNP-BC, MPH, PhD, STRIDE Site Co-Principal Investigator, LPSC Co-Facilitator
  • Candy Nelson, RN, Nurse, Deer River Clinic
  • Barb Ryan, Patient Stakeholder
  • Ryan Sharrow, PT, Rehab Director, Gentiva Health Services
  • Luann Teige, Area Agency on Aging Representative
  • Adam Thayer, RN, Nurse, Deer River Clinic
  • Tasha Waage, NP, Nurse Practitioner, Deer River Clinic

Mount Sinai Health System
New York, NY


  • Sheila Barton, Social Worker
  • Anna-Isabel Caffarelli, MHS, Falls Prevention Coalition Representative, Department of Health & Mental Hygiene
  • Jane Cholak, Home Health Representative
  • Soli Davis, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Louis DePasquale, PT, Bon Secours Good Samaritan Home Health Care Agency
  • Harrison Moss, Falls Prevention Coalition Representative, NY State Department of Health
  • Ruth Nathan, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Caryn Resnik, Area Agency on Aging Representative, NYC Department for the Aging
  • Deb West, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Betty Walker, Patient Stakeholder
  • Nancy Xenakis, Director of Care Coordination, Mount Sinai Care

University of Pittsburg Medical Center
Pittsburg, PA


  • Elizabeth Beck, Community Provider Representative
  • Marianne Bencloski, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Mary Bencloski, Patient Stakeholder
  • Janet Bonk, Public/Community Representative
  • June Eazor, Patient Stakeholder
  • Linda Eazor, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Mimi Ferchak, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Sandy Gilmore, Patient Advisor
  • Susan Greenspan, MD, STRIDE Site Co-Principal Investigator
  • Jean Kablack, Area Agency on Aging Representative
  • Linda Lofaso, UPMC Homecare Referral
  • Nancy Mott, UPMC Homecare Referral
  • Megan Miller, STRIDE Site Study Coordinator
  • Mijung Park, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburg School of Nursing
  • Shachi Tyagi, MD, Clinician Stakeholder
  • Hallie Zeleznik, DPT, UPMC Centers for Rehab Services

University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston Health
Galveston, TX


  • Helen Appelberg, DMin, LPSC Co-Chair/Chaplain
  • Sharon (Frances) Booton, Patient & Caregiver Stakeholder
  • Shirley Bridges, Patient Stakeholder
  • Summer Chapman, RN, Falls Care Manager
  • Curtis Cooper, Area Agency on Aging Representative
  • Gloria Ellisor, Patient Stakeholder
  • Rebecca Galloway, PT, PhD, GCS, CEEAA, LPSC Co-Chair/Clinician Stakeholder
  • George (Moose) Morton, Caregiver Stakeholder
  • John Papaconstantinou, PhD, Professor, UTMB
  • Mukaila Raji, MD, MSc, FACP, Director of Geriatric Medicine Fellowship, UTMB
  • Michelle Sierpina, PhD, Founding Director, Osher Lifeline Learning Institute
  • Tiva Thomas, AMED Home Health
  • Alice Williams, MS, LBSW, Executive Director, Libbie’s Place Senior Day Program
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